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Learn About Credit Scores

When it comes to improving your credit, there's no substitute for knowing how to interpret and improve your personal credit score. A credit score (or FICO score) is separate from your credit report, yet it is derived from the information in your credit report.

Read these articles to learn why your credit score is important and how -and when - to improve it.

ClearPoint's Financial Specialists are available to provide you with additional educational information on these topics. If you have specific questions about credit reports and how your personal credit score can impact your life, just contact us.

Improving Your Credit

Now is the time to restore your credit and prepare for a new financial future. Find out what the experts say are the four basic steps for getting started today.

Straight Talk About Your Credit Score

Your personal credit score rates your creditworthiness in comparison to that of other U.S. consumers who have a credit history. Learn about how to obtain your score, how it is calculated, and what affects your credit score rating.
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